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Thursday, 5 November 2009

HSBC International Crime Syndicate - CHARLES RUSSELL SPEECHLYS LAW FIRM FILES - CPS Criminal Prosecution Files Images - MI5 Secret Service National Security - Most Dangerous Criminal Organization Case

The Carroll Foundation *board of *acting *trustees have confirmed that compelling criminal evidence material has been obtained by Scotland Yard and the FBI Washington DC field office surrounding the fraudulent incorporation of HSBC 4-8 Victoria Street Westminster accounts fraudulent HSBC Holdings Plc. Carroll Trust Corporations and fraudulent HSBC International offshore accounts which impulsed the resultant criminal liquidation of over $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) of the Carroll Foundation's world wide assets linked to the embezzlement of substantial liquid funds within the framework of an international criminal syndicate fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.

The HSBC Holdings Plc chairman Mark Tucker and the former chairmen Douglas Flint Sir John Bond and Lord Green together with other named executives of the bank are understood to be confronting these serious ongoing criminal allegations in the final unfolding events in this Carroll Trust offshore tax evasion fraud scandal. Further sources have confirmed that the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard London continue to retain in "safe custody" the primary Carroll Foundation trust prosecution files "in concert" with the HMRC Revenue & Customs who conducted a thorough investigation into the systematic breakup and liquidation of this philanthropic industrial conglomerate.

The Carroll Global Group Corporation auditors Edward Robinson & Co Liverpool in association with Kingston Smith London and Romford Essex the highly respected chartered accountancy firm with branches throughout the United Kingdom are believed to also retain the Carroll Trust auditors reports and the firm's files which underpin these serious allegations of tax evasion money laundering and fraud on an industrial scale spanning the globe.

HSBC Holdings Plc. Chairman Mark Tucker LOCKDOWN US Carroll National Security:

Maine Investments Gibraltar Gazette Section 203A(2) Carroll Trust National Security Case:
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